— since 2014 —

Buying a home is a key moment in anyone's life. Today we tell the story of João Fontes and Luís Amaral, owners of Imofácil, in Aveiro, and ideal mediators of this rather important process.

Both had diversified paths. Luís studied in the area of ​​Chemistry and began to put his knowledge into practice during eight years in Lisbon, followed by the city of industry, São João da Madeira. After facing an unemployment situation, he went into real estate. He had no experience in the area, but did not fret. Gradually, he gained knowledge and eventually found João in a second company from Aveiro where he worked.

João, in turn, studied Civil Engineering, in Porto, and gained experience in contact with the public as a commercial for Zon. When they worked together in Aveiro, they could not help noticing that they were an efficient team. This inspired them to set up their own business, which eventually materialized at street Senhor dos Aflitos, nº 65. This was a place João inherited from his grandfather, with whom he had strong ties. Gone are the days when Durline was there, a key business for anyone who wanted to adjust paint’s tints (his grandfather was actually known as troca-tintas (the paint-mixer)), but John still has fond memories of the time spent in the store and the help he provided. After his grandfather retired, many businesses passed by this place. However, it seemed almost the work of destiny that the grandson returned to the space where he spent a good part of his childhood.

The start of the business in 2014 was seen by some friends as crazy, as the prolongation of the crisis was translated into a lack of purchasing capacity. The duo of entrepreneurs knew, however, that it was a time of great opportunity and was well aware of their own ability to bring the initiative to fruition. Luis, a little more experienced in the area, was a mentor to John, and together they contributed in making Imofácil the business it is today, by betting on the transparency of their activity. They started with leases and grew to cover real estate sales. The monitoring they guarantee in all businesses they close is an attractive factor for those who seek them, since they know that, as owner or lessee, they can always count on a serious and effective mediation. In the words of both, they do not like to create illusions to their investors, by painting too idyllic scenarios, which granted them an indubitable vote of confidence.

The task developed by João and Luís is based on a laborious research work, on the street, on the net, in constant contact with clients ... they have mastered an almost chameleonic art of putting themselves in the shoes of a civil builder, a tenant, an investor to guess the evolution of the city and are therefore perfectly positioned to realize where to invest. They appreciate the new technologies and the speed of research they allow, although they feel that sometimes the area in which they work requires some face-to-face contact, to establish lasting relationships, because many clients do not always come looking for Imofácil, but rather, the names 'João' and 'Luís'.

This is a work that does not have a schedule, nor a work of investigation that can be considered finished. It’s constantly evolving and doesn’t deal solely with material goods, but also with real situations that touch people's lives. Some cases can’t fail to sensitize the two entrepreneurs, who help, whenever possible, to solve more delicate situations.
Imofácil is basically a family business from Aveiro that knows how to serve the population. It’s easy! Come and meet it!