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Gato Malhado
— since 1986 —


Overnight in Aveiro a tabby cat, well upright, who walks elegantly on the bookshelves and garnished jackets with best clothes, the best brand.

A visionary cat and pioneer that brought the well-known BURBERRYS, LIU JO, MONNALISA, ROBERTO CAVALLI and SIMONETTA brands to Portugal, entering by Aveiro.

“Gato Malhado” resides today in his third house, Rua Dr. Nascimento Leitão, where you can buy quality clothes and shoes, for all tastes and special occasions. “First it was meant for children, but very soon we realized that we could sell to parents, to mothers and grandparents, because a mother likes to look just like her daughter.”

A story bequeathed from mother to daughter, where all the scratches are four and a half feet tall, shared with the velvet legs of this mystery host who continues to dress with affection as many generations he find in his path.