Garrafeira 5 Estrelas
— since 1996 —

Some moments in our life are almost a glimpse of the future, a slight lift of the veil that allows us to see what life holds in store for us. The three brothers Paralta, Carla, Mariana and Maximino lived precisely this situation, in the many visits to cellars and wine production facilities with Fernando Paralta, their father, storer by trade. These visits brought them a unique knowledge of everything that pertained to the world of wine. Perhaps in those times they still did not attach much importance to that wisdom, but is now tenderly remembered by Mariana, who tells us the story of her father's legacy, the Garrafeira 5 estrelas, located on rua de Viseu 119.

Let's go back a few years to undertand this curious turn of events.
The three siblings come from different areas: Mariana studied theater in Porto, Carla wanted to follow the course of kindergarten teacher and Maximino dominates the area of ​​computer science and webdesign. The synergy between the three is perfect. Mariana loves the contact with the public, the dialogue, the exchange of ideas with the client and Carla passes all this enthusiasm and passion to the outside world through her effective communication in social networks and photography, besides finding enjoyment in chatting, advising the clientele, minglinging... Far away in London, Maximino has his own occupation, but nevertheless he did not fail to provide the sisters with valuable support in building and maintaining a website. Carla began her career at Garrafeira when she was twenty, and later Mariana joined forces with her sister to bring new life to the business.

Garrafeira was born of a desire of Fernando Paralta to ensure a future for his children, at a time when the Portuguese economic horizon was not very promising. His involvement in the area gave him a vision in which he wanted to bet. The contacts with producers were, at the outset, a real advantage and Fernando Paralta convinced his children to go ahead. The establishment opened doors on May 4 and has revolutionized the wine tastes of the Aveiro’s population, in large part by the efforts of the sisters in educating themr to what would be the most noble Portuguese wines. And it was not always easy, because not all people took, in 1996, seriously two ladies advising which wines to buy and demonstrating incomparable knowledge about them. Over the years, however, they have conquered the palate and heart of customers with wine tastings in which the presence of the producer or an oenologist not only legitimized them, but also allowed the in-depth knowledge of the process. The frequency of these tests is already weekly, typically on a friday, and the clients enjoy the possibility of tasting what is best produced in Portugal.
The annual event in which the sisters make a dinner for customers and producers, as a tribute to their father who made the birth of the business possible, is also noteworthy. Mariana makes use of her eloquence to offer words of appreciation and affection to he who has protected them and is no longer among them. It’s also during this dinner that the prizes of the best wines and producers, achieved through the election of the clients that occurs in the tests mentioned above, are attributed.
As for the offer, there is a wide range of prices, but always expect quality brands, from smaller and exclusive producers, normally absent from supermarkets. Of note are the flavor giants, such as Pêra Manca and Barca Velha. In addition to the wine accessories (corkscrews, decanters), Garrafeira also sells some liquors, Gins (including Monkey 47), sparkling wines, Port wines and some Gourmet products (sweets, jams and chocolates).
The house has had a positive evolution and its name reflects the pride that Mariana, Carla and Maximino have in their family, a 5 star family.  
Garrafeira 5 Estrelas