Galetos Dourados
— since 1990 —

Galetos Dourados story begins more than half a century ago, when in 1955 the father of Mr. José Manuel de Sousa Vale leaves Penafiel to work in Aveiro in a clothing store. Mr. Sousa was still a baby. His father remained in Aveiro for 9 years, until he returned to Penafiel.

Married with 22 years old and some uncertainties about his future in Portugal, Mr. Sousa ends up emigrating to Brazil. Although the couple opened a new chapter in their life, they still had someone with whom to remember the native land, namely the brother-in-law, who was already in Brazil before them and later became a crucial element in the creation of the Galetos Dourados. Meanwhile, Mr. Sousa did a bit of everything in Brazil, from work in clothing stores, through the management of a restaurant with 35 employees and a warehouse of traditional Brazilian sweets. The longing returns, however, to Mr. Sousa's. The memories of the city that welcomed him in his boyhood. Therefore he returned to Portugal in October 1999.

The brother-in-law, however, who had returned before Mr. Sousa and his wife, had set up two businesses: a clothing store, of which Mr. Sousa's wife was later partner, and the Galetos Dourados restaurant. Later, Mr. Sousa ends up staying with the establishment and his wife joins him in running the business. The name is due to a Brazilian delicacy, whose name is also known in some Portuguese lands: a small chicken that is roasted on the spit. And this is how the famous restaurant will gain its identity: a space that conveys the tranquility and harmony of Aveiro with Brazilian influences: a perfect reflection of the owner. Traveled and experienced, Mr. Sousa takes some lessons from his journey and does not hesitate to apply them to the philosophy of his establishment. At Galetos Dourados, the client will always find a clean and organized space, as well as the typical mouth-watering dishes: picanha, maminha, poultry chicken, Brazilian feijoada and shrimp moqueca are just some examples, accompanied by the unforgettable caipirinha.

Mr. Sousa, puts, in the confection of these dishes, the quality above all else. For him customer satisfaction comes first, and this concern extends to other areas. One day a group of blind people came to the restaurant and Mr. Sousa quickly became aware of the difficulties in selecting the dishes from his menu. With the support of one of the clients of this group, he immediately rectified the situation. Nowadays, he is proud that Galetos Dourados is one of the few restaurants to offer a menu in braille, although we would like to see the remaining establishments (catering or not) to follow its steps.

Galetos Dourados is already a restaurant with a history: it receives every year, during semana do enterro (academic celebration), several musical groups (Delfins, Xutos e Pontapés, Anjos, Luís Represas, Rui Veloso, Toy, to name a few) and countless celebrities who have passed through its doors, such as Ana Bola, João Pinto, Marisa Cruz and Paulo Sousa. However, there is something that Mr. Sousa has always placed high on his list of priorities, something that anyone who enters the establishment notices immediately : a welcoming attitude and a smile on his lips.  
Galetos Dourados