Félix Cabeleireiros
— since 2001 —

In the nº 11º of rua da República, in Aveiro, we find José Félix and Madalena Seixas, a nice couple who owns Félix Cabeleireiros. Management-wise, they have two characteristics essential for success: the technical knowledge and the perception of trends, as well as the ability to follow them and even define them.

José Félix was born in Paris and came to Portugal at the age of 11, bringing with him in his bag a dream that has always accompanied him, to be a hairdresser. He has the ‘fashion bug’ ever since we was a little boy, something easily seen when he imagined bold hairstyles and produced doll clothes, in games that anticipated his passion for the trade. When he showed interest in the business, he had the unconditional support of his parents, since the business had roots in the family and Felix's own talent was indisputable.
And so it was! The dream became reality, the result of great passion and dedication to the art of making people happier.

He began his professional career in Gaia in 1989, followed by an internship in 1990. As an entrepreneur, he soon inaugurated his own business in Esgueira. Despite his initial success, he quickly encountered space constraints that prevented him from realizing his vision. Fortunately he knew a friend who worked in the construction industry, and who advised him to open a new space in a relatively unexplored urbanization. Said and done, Felix opened his business at the present address, where he was able to begin to materialize his ideal space.

Since the opening, on April 9, 2001, it has made two remodels, with the intention of making the space more 'clean'. The large hall defies the imagination with its play of reflexes and the curious, carefully positioned glass dials that bear the Wella brand of choice. This is a brand that reflects many of the professional values ​​of the couple, having already invited Felix as a freelancer for Wella Portugal. However, perhaps the greatest victory of the young hairdresser was the valuable support he gained when he joined the new establishment, none other than his wife, after having had the necessary training.

Concern for know-how is, in fact, a priority for the couple. According to Felix, the commitment to a quality service is the inevitable way to success. Despite his mastery in the area, he is always thirsty for knowledge and ready to study the latest techniques, never considering his learning finished.The enthusiasm with which a client is advised to adopt a new look rubs off the client himself, who is increasingly interested in the technical part of the profession. As for recognition for his work, Felix does not demand much. In fact he demands nothing at all, but a simple 'Wow' brings an inevitable smile to his face. Knowledge only makes sense when shared, hence José Félix bets on the large scope his activity covers, being able to do formations and events related to the area in his workplace.

Felix has a range of loyal and diverse clientele. In fact, this hairdresser does not need a lot of formal publicity, since the clients that frequent it are the truly the best publicity for Félix, from north to south of Portugal. Those who know and use this service feel the warmth and affection of a family, multigenerational environment that stands out for its professionalism, timeliness, commitment and competence. In 17 years of existence, Félix has revolutionized the look and reinforced the trust of the people of Aveiro, offering creative experiences and building a prestigious name, associated with personalization and excellence in service.

This is the Félix hair salon, a transparent place like the glass that envelops it, letting you glimpse its interior, in an informal invitation to enter and discover the ideal look and to be part of the story that is written, day after day, by all those who visit it.  
Felix Cabeleireiros