Farmácia Central
— since 1959 —

The elders of Beira-Mar say that the cast-iron sill at the entrance to the Farmácia Central existed at the beginning of the 20th century. Mr. Roque, who is already in his seventies, tells us that it was Dr. Augusto Góis who founded the house, maintained by him until the late 70's, when one of the employees bought the space, Mr. Valentim Pereira, father of the current Technical Director, Dr. Mário Pereira.

Around Roque there are perhaps a dozen or so cagaréus, around fifty and eighty, in street chat, frank and genuine, just as they had done and for decades, the parents or even the grandfathers, in this same place , in front of Porta 26 of Rua dos Mercadores. It is said that hot topics were often discussed inside the pharmacy, fueling the idea of ​​freedom and democracy. The pharmacy is still known today as a central space of the life of Aveiro, a neighborly and familiar place, confident and dedicated in serving the population.

In the 1940s, the young Valentim Pereira de Castro D'Aire was leaving for Vila Franca das Naves to fulfill his dream of working in a pharmacy. Shortly thereafter he moved to Meda, taking advantage of a vacancy at the pharmacy 'Pereira', in Rua Guiné in Lisbon, followed by another in Queluz, a land of palaces and princesses, where he met the girl Adelaide Júlia, with whom he would marry and constitute family. In the late fifties, he moved with his wife to Aveiro and joined the technical team of the Farmácia Central of Dr. Augusto Góis. Shortly afterwards, the first son of the couple, baptized as Mário in the Church of Vera Cruz, is born in Beira-Mar, in Rua António Rodrigues.

The childhood was passed between the intricate streets of the seaside, the old streets of the North, the Dogs and the Wind, among many others forgotten, opposed by the imagery of the manuals and utensils of apothecary, feeding the young Mário a deep conviction, to continue the family profession. At age 19, he joined the Faculty of pharmacy of Porto, where he graduated in 1985, followed by a Bromatology Monitoring position, interrupted by a two-year military service in Lisbon, at the pharmacy of Hospital da Marinha. He returns to Aveiro to take over the Technical Direction of the Farmácia Central.

Over the last three decades, under the direction of Dr. Mário Pereira, the Farmácia Central has made an effort to update and improve the technical working environment. It was one of the first Aveiro pharmacies to have a computerized system and currently has three graduates in pharmaceutical sciences and a technical assistant. The modernization went hand in hand with the preservation of the proximity service. The reading of weight and measurement of blood pressure continues, as always, free of charge. A way of thinking that reflects a passion for the profession and the community, expressed in the new logo designed by Dr. Mario, inspired by the beauty and neighborhood of Beira-Mar, having the bow of the Moliceiro in the aegis of a neighborhood pharmacy, central in the life of thousands of aveirenses.  
Farmácia Central