Restaurante Centenário
— since 1959 —

Certain establishments, due to their quality and longevity, end up becoming the face of a street. Others, can even be the reference point of the whole area. And then we have Centenário, which is unequivocally a reference throughout the city of Aveiro. This iconic restaurant started its activity in February 1959 and keeps its doors open to this day.

Of the initial owners - Mr. Simões and Mr. Gala (cousins) - only the first remained in management, when in late 1998, João and Jorge Castelhano and Manuel Vieira took command of operations. This new trio of entrepreneurs brought with them the knowledge acquired as students and trainers in hotel business schools and the experience gained in the management of Pizzarte, which had begun in 1987. The space was subjected to a profound remodeling, executed by Pedro Andrade of BAU.UAU interiors, who knew how to explore new languages ​​and materials.

In the menu, they took advantage of the typical elements of Portuguese food tradition, endowing the offer of new innovative products and introducing new flavors that bring them closer to current gastronomic tendencies.

If restaurants are the ideal meeting places and promoters of culture through the dissemination of traditions and identity of a region, these values ​​go far beyond food, being of equal importance the style, light, colors and atmosphere that it provides.

Centenário wants to continue to be a meeting place where the customer is the main actor.  
Restaurante Centenário