Cais 3
— since 2017 —

At Cais do Coco, nº 44, in Aveiro, under the warm blanket of a generous sun, the clients of Cais 3 enjoy their coffee, without haste. In the estuary, the 'moliceiros' stroll through curious glances that explore the city of Aveiro. This pleasant coffee aspires to be a reference in the city and is proud to be a space that serves the population of Aveiro in a very practical aspect.

The history of Cais 3 begins with Paulo Ramos, still a fourteen-year-old boy, working in Figueira da Foz. At fifteen he started working in the restaurants, more specifically in a typical restaurant and later in a five-star tourist village . His journey then took him to the city of Aveiro, where he worked five years in a restaurant and twenty-four in a renowned pastry shop, gaining substantial experience, side by side with great professionals.

But as we say in Portugal, it is the dream that commands life, so Paul also dared to dream of a destiny grasped by his own hand. When the opportunity to join two friends to set up their own business came about, our entrepreneur threw himself into the new business venture. They formed society and opened the doors of Cais 3 on the 3th of January of 2017, after the renovation of the space in the well-known 'Galerias do Vestuário', that transformed a ladies underwear old shop into the coffee it is today. The origin of its name is due to the location of the space and the number of business partners.

The history of the business is recent, however, its versatile operation already attracts a loyal and numerous clientele that both appreciates the outdoor space and the simplicity of the comfort of the space inside the gallery. Any time of day is appropriate to go to the Cais 3. In the morning, one can drink a boiled coffee or a breakfast with sweets or salty, depending on the taste, and snack a cup of tea or a brew on the terrace. Whoever needs that much-sought-after dish, the 'on the run' lunch, find it at Cais 3 and appreciates its location in the heart of the city.

The staff of incomparable friendliness and service invites you to enter, the glazed space of the establishment welcomes guests and the sun with the same enthusiasm. Outside, the fresh water of the Aveiro river promises, with its moliceiros, another day of discover this charming city. Perfect...  
Cais 3