Cafeina nos Arcos
— since 1999 —

In response to the successive extinction of a significant number of coffee houses in the city of Aveiro - many of which would be converted into pastries or tea rooms - on the eve of the new millennium opened a brand new coffee house, “Cafeína Nos Arcos”.

Located right in the heart of the city, more precisely at number 10 of Joaquim Melo Freitas Square, this establishment would quickly become the scene of numerous gatherings, being regularly attended by emblematic figures of the local artistic and cultural underworld, such as Vasco Branco, Artur Fino or the brothers Hélder and Jeremias Bandarra.

Having opened the cafeteria service, “Cafeína” ended up embarking on the restaurant service, distinguishing itself mainly by a careful selection of the best ingredients, by the accurate preparation and presentation of its dishes, and by a particular enthusiasm for wine. Equipped with a singularly abundant and varied wine cellar, the restaurant prides itself on giving a well-deserved recognition to the region's wines.

The projects of Paulo Vieira, however, are far from being limited to the restaurant service. Committed to energizing the city that hosts them, they have participated in the organization of events related mainly to gastronomy, wine and cultural animation. Good examples are the Aveiro Dance Festival or the Baco Routes - river tours through the Ria de Aveiro dedicated to various wine regions, where wine tastings are accompanied with the corresponding regional gastronomy.

Among the illustrious clients of the restaurant are international figures such as Peter Murphy, Lloyd Cole or Al Di Meola, and renowned national artists such as actress Eunice Muñoz or musician Vitorino who - when in the area - always goes to “Cafeína” to enjoy the tasty specialties of the house.

Open from noon to midnight, a remarkable combination of fresh fish variety, excellent meats, a vast wine cellar and a customised service, elevates “Cafeína” to the status of one of the best and finest restaurants in Aveiro.