— since 1988 —

In September 1988 opened in Aveiro, on Avenida Oita, nº12, the Bom Talho. The building where the butchery is situated had just been built and José Carlos da Silva did not miss the opportunity to open his business, at a time when that area of ​​Aveiro had only cultivated fields.

Eleven years later, José Carlos hires Fernando Cerqueira, a native of Celorico de Basto. Fernando, who had lived in Aveiro since 1985, working in the industry, did not think twice about the offer, despite being young, since he already had several years of experience working in butchers. It was therefore a precious help in the management and proper functioning of the business and perhaps it was his posture and working attitude that earned him a great vote of confidence on the part of José: the business trespass.

Fernando didn’t become flustered by having to manage the space alone, however, his wife, Anabela, eventually came to provide valuable support, initially, punctually and later, permanently.
The butcher shop gained, thus a more familiar facet, which is also reflected in the deal with the clientele. For this couple with years of experience in their activity, customers are treated by name and their tastes and preferences guessed before they enter the store. The shop windows also have various products such as mushrooms, salt, cod cakes, wine etc., the perfect combinations to accompany the dishes.

Our good-humored butcher also has knowledge that is very valuable in the branch: the knowledge of the animals he sells. Some of them are even created in his home. The others are, in most cases, purchased from friends, acquaintances, and long-standing business partners. Fernando and Anabela know very well the meat they sell, from the rump crust to the rib. The couple recognizes the need for regulation and certification, but adds that seeing the animal grow and knowing who treats it is critical to a successful choice.
In this regard, business numbers speak for themselves. This is the home that most hamburgers do in the district of Aveiro, including supplying the largest hamburger shop in town.
Fernando mentions the growing variety of clients. Although most of them have been known for many years, there are also students, due to the proximity of the university, and new clients who come by recommendation of friends.
In short, Bom Talho is an exemplary establishment: Fernando's playful spirit, Anabela's friendliness, the quality of the meat and the care in service create the perfect blend that represents in its fullness the spirit of local trade.  
Bom Talho