Abílio Marques Restaurant
— since 1963 —

In 1963, Abílio Marques and his wife, Maria Ratola Coelho, opened a grocery store, at Rua da Capela, No. 182, in Bonsucesso. The business started with a reduced offer, but it was so successful that changed its functioning to coffee. The political-social instability that existed in the 1960s culminated in armed conflicts in several African countries, which in turn resulted in the return of many soldiers. When returning from warmer locations to Portuguese lands, these compatriots brought with them tastes of African origins. The grills were undoubtedly the most requested dishes and it was with this 'push', together with the fact that the business began to gain traction as a coffee, that Abílio decided to dedicate himself also to the grills, especially the barbecue chicken and consequently, to cabidela rice. The business had a dizzying growth, and in a short time, there was no one who did not talk about 'Abílio dos Frangos' - as it is known among people from Aveiro. For example, there were sellers that crossed the vast industrial fabric of Aveiro just to go to the famous restaurant that was also frequented by workers from the area and, in general, by those who simply did not pass without a well-baked chicken.

The dynamics of the business, however, also had its drawbacks. With a large catering area and only four or five people to 'get the job done,' this was a job that required perseverance, something that fortunately did not lack for Abilio. However, as the years went by, Abilio began to think of passing on the testimony of the legacy he created and the choice fell on his son, Abílio Jr. and his son-in-law, João Dinis. João, who tells us the story of this well-known restaurant, had no experience in catering, but the vote of confidence inspired him to join forces with his brother-in-law to continue cultivating the good name of the establishment. Then, in January 1975, they began to renovate the restaurant. Then they expanded the menu a little and finally created a take away. The business also has a certified piglets’ slaughterhouse that attests the best quality of food products for the customers. Cod with cream, Cod «à Zé do Pipo» and octopus «à lagareiro» are another example of successful dishes. While we have lunch or dinner, we can appreciate on the walls some of old memorable visits of well known people to the restaurant. Namely the visit of chief Silva, eternal face of the famous portuguese Recipes Magazine «Teleculinária», who must have certainly exchanged some impressions on the excellent menu of Abílio’s Restaurant.

Nowadays, Abilio is a restaurant that doesn’t need great presentations. The extended staff of 24 people guarantees excellence in service, despite the hustle and bustle between the two dining rooms
Moreover, this is a restaurant that works with noMenu. So when you're missing time, do not hesitate to call.  
Abílio Marques