Prendas da Nonô
— since 2014 —

It all started on Nonô’s birthday, on a beautiful March day, with the first rays of sun kissing the tree branches, dried up by the harsh winter of Aveiro. Seven springs had passed for the happiest girl in the world to whom only a single gift would do, a Mickey Mouse! “An easy challenge,” thought Mother Alexandra Monteiro, who was then a Portuguese and English teacher, with stints between Algarve and the Azores, always away from the company of her most beloved child of the seven kingdoms and her extraordinary adventures.

Alexandra Monteiro sought and looked everywhere in the streets of Aveiro, asking all shop clerks, but without success, for there was no Mickey Mouse to be found anywhere! And so, she continued for hours, almost giving up, but always insisting, as she said to herself, “Nonô will have her Mickey Mouse! Or I’m not Alexandra Monteiro!”

On the way that led her away from the city walls, she found a fairy-shop full of toys. “Will this be it ?!” cried her angry voice, and soon she entered the store where a nice lady took her to the enchanted trunk where all the Mickey Rats hid. She bought it immediately and thanked the lady. On her way out, she was about to return home when an idea had struck her mind, and prompted her to ask the lady, “Would you like to have a franchise of your store in Aveiro?” The lady thanked her, but she didn’t answer. And so Alexandra Monteiro returned home with Nonô’s gift, who jumped with joy when she saw her so much desired Mickey Mouse!

This story might have ended here, but magic sometimes has an echo that connects with fate. Two weeks later, Alexandra received a call from the lady at the toy store – “Good morning Alexandra, I want to tell you that I’ve talked to my husband and that we decided not to create a franchise of our store.” Alexandra was sad, thanked the lady’s delicate answer, and was about to hang up when, on the other end of the line, the lady said to her, noticing the smile, “But I would like to help you to create your own store!”
And so, on July 7, 2014, was born “Prendas da Nonô”, a store made of joy and smiles, with lots of gifts made especially for the most beloved kids and adults in the world.

“Prendas da Nonô”, as Alexandra tells us – “became a dream that was asleep”. In a place that was once a post office and the Beira-Mar clubhouse, we can now find toys, dolls, costumes, candles, decoration articles, suitcases, shoes and backpacks, spinning clothes or articles for tourism. “Almost everything very Portuguese ahahah” as Cristina, the inseparable collaborator of this house of dreams, confesses with a full smile. Between the familiar service and a great proximity, “Prendas da Nonô” makes every visitor feel welcomed in a house of dreams where its various gifts bring happiness to those who love more, mirrored in tender embraces, every day of the week, at door 17 of Largo da Apresentação in Aveiro.  
Prendas da Nonô