Trendy Store
— since 2004 —

In the proximity trade there are people who have a certain restlessness, a spirit of constant search for the ideal. Behind the counter of Trendy women's clothing store, located at Rua Dr. Mário Sacramento, 169, in Aveiro, we find Paula Pereira, an energetic entrepreneur who revels in this philosophy. Paula, always with a smile on her lips, tells us the story of this business that curiously began to take shape when she was still young and sold fruit with her mother in the Peso da Régua markets. From these experiences Paula gained the taste of sales and dealing with the public, however, as the adult age approached, she began to dream of her independence, which invariably meant having her own business.

After working for several years at the clothing store W52, she managed to re-adapt an office where he started to market jewelry, bags, scarves and other accessories. Soon she was asked to include clothes in her offer, which Paula promptly agreed to. She verified that the clothes sold well and decided to focus the store's offer precisely in that market. Taking advantage of the good acceptance of the business, she ended up opening a store in Barra. In fact, with the constant growth of her commercial adventure, she had five stores open simultaneously, two in Gafanha, one in Barra and two in Aveiro. Such expansion inspired her to create the Trendy brand in 2006, whose name reflects the constant monitoring of fashion trends.

Despite the success of the brand, the specter of the coming crisis had other plans for portuguese commerce, and our entrepreneur found herself forced to close doors of four of her houses. Paula says that this was a difficult time, however, the establishment of the street Dr. Mario Sacramento, continued to grow. In fact, after having occupied the space of a real estate agency in this street, in 2009, Trendy can boast of a rather stable position. Its owner regrets only that this part of the city is somewhat forgotten, although her vibrant establishment fights this trend. Looking at both the store and its offering, it's easy to see why. Paula constantly renews Trendy's décor, with a taste and lightness that invites the visitor to enter and the displays reflect her eternally positive attitude in young clothes, always abreast of the latest trends. The clothing on offer is varied and includes brands such as Ruga and Arienne, brands that proudly boast their Portuguese origin and contribute to the notion of quality of Portuguese confection that, in truth, never lost strength. The clientele goes from 18 to 65, but as Paula says, her older clients also like ‘modern things’.

Paula receives her clients with a willingness supported by the experience of years in the field and her good disposition seems to be endless. It is indeed a merchant who perpetuates that spirit so important to any business, the spirit of the proximity trade.  
Trendy Store