Tasquinha do Leitão
— since 2015 —

If we consider our past as the road left behind, many of us, looking over our shoulder, will see nothing but a dense fog, which voraciously overshadows memories. Activities that pleased us now seem infinitely distant. Hands forget the gestures of one's profession, eyes lost in distance, once well known, never to recover the lost knowledge. In this sense, Mr. Raul never ceased to be a child, because he never knew this cleavage. To this day he continues to do what he enjoyed in his childhood, an activity shared by his father and grandfather. The latter was known in Fermentelos as Pepino of piglets (Pepino was his nickname) and every weekend, as approaching ritual, friends came to get piglets that he baked at home. His son and later, his grandson, Mr. Raul, followed him in the past and made sure that the family would never abandon this art. However, it was Mr. Raul who raised it to business status when he opened a restaurant in Fermentelos. Roasting piglets was, in this case, an activity relegated to the weekends, but always ordered. The house was well accepted and the clientele increased, which seemed positive, since the beginning of the business demanded the sweat and the savings to its owner.
Still with financial obligations, Mr. Raul did not neglect the need for expansion. An opportunity arose when he saw the rather dilapidated facade of door # 4, in the 14th of Praça de Julho in Aveiro. The establishment that initially had been the coffee maker Macedo, then being the Limas Hardware store would require a lot of work to be presentable and functional. In addition, the square where it was located had, moreover, little business and, consequently, little movement. But after all, the investment for the Fermentelos business had already been made and could be adapted to this new space, the 'Tasquinha do Leitão', on April 24, 2015 . There the saying goes that fortune protects the audacious and this new establishment was well received. However, the focus of this new restaurant, as its name implies, was pig confection. In a short time, Mr. Raul was providing three restaurants in the area of ​​Aveiro and simultaneously delighting his own clientele.
Frankly speaking, there is no escape from temptation: feijoada, cabidela rice, sandwiches, as well as the daily allowance - at weekends - result in a full house, especially on Sundays when the locals come to taste the famous Fermentelos piglet, which despite being the good star of the business, is not the only reason for success. This is ultimately a home of synergies. Mr. Raul's technique combines with the sensitivity of his wife's care, which leaves tender memories for the attention and sympathy. In his own words: 'it's Anabela that customers ask when they return to the little shop.' On the other hand, his father provides piglets roasted in Fermentelos, with exemplary mastery, which nonetheless always arrive hot and crispy to the restaurant, proof that, with will, there are no insurmountable obstacles or distances. Lastly, we have the tasquinha itself, with its cozy and inviting atmosphere, which opens its doors to the most varied clientele: keen personalities, relaxed individuals, lunch workers, families, groups of friends, tourists, all come to taste the delicious suckling pig. There are those who prefer the febra, some prefer the rib, but it is always in Tasquinha that the best specimens are found.
Tasquinha do Leitão