— since 1999 —

It was at the turn of the century, 1999, that Hairtz was born, a hairdressing salon that transports the spirit, the attitude and all the strength of the brothers Ana and Alex, passionate about life, people and what they believe in - to grow without limits. In this refuge of individuality, the look is not simply adjusted based on a catalog, the hair is not just cut, molded or colored. Something else is done. First of all, a smile is shared, followed by a look, but a serious look, really interested in the person who reveals himself at a certain frequency, which the Vasconcelos brothers have the gift of capturing and expressing in their creations.

In the 90s, Aveiro was one of the hot spots of the national alternative culture. Garage parties, jams and electronic music festivals put the name “Aveiro” in the international avant-garde sphere. The so-called trashy generation was above all composed of natural survivors, people who faced problems head-on, broke down barriers, overturned taboos, and assumed, literally, 'no tricks.' It has left us the greatest of all legacies, the right to be authentic and the respect for each person’s 'frequency'. It did not free us from evil, but from prejudice, or at least fought for it.

This adventure begins in 92 with Ana, a 14-year-old teenager, full of life and little time to lose. The school did not fill the cup and Ana kept on her path with the support of the whole family, taking the first step towards her first great passion, the art of hairdressing. A shorth three years later, it was his brother Alex's turn to follow the same path, and so they remained in a state of restlessness until 99, the year they opened a salon with their own identity.
Hairtz would always be different. The vision of the Vasconcelos brothers did not go through the comfort of following a path already unfolded by all. The attitude would always be there, strong and present, scissor-carved over the irrelevant conventions and political opinions, more or less correct. Opening of the doors to the public was essentially an affirmation of freedom and independence, both for the brothers and for those who longed for something new, fresh, really alternative, of course in the right 'Hairtzian frequency', ie yours.

They began by betting on a bold layout, with chairs and cuts never seen before around theses parts, but also with a no less disruptive attitude - the relaxed and challenging service, which as Alex says, will always be the motto of this Hall - 'Smash your limits ! ' We do not provide comfort, we stimulate! We challenge people to go further. Unlike the other salons, Hairtz does not follow the School of Paris and bets on the irreverent London School, on the path of the cultural revolution of the 60s, manifested in Hairdressing Arteliers, where it is freely expressed duality, creativity and futurism, in a constant flow of experiences and change.

In 2005 they celebrate their 5th anniversary at the atelier Aveiro My Love, a key moment in this story, with more than 600 people witnessing the new face of Hairtz, street theater and the presentation of the new collection. The success was such that, in 2009, the Hairtz salon said farewell to Bairro do Liceu in order to move to Travessa do Dispensário, numbers 11 and 13, behind the Oita Shopping Center. The inauguration coincided with the production of a show for more than 1000 hairtzianos, that lasted till daybreak, from Tenda da Fonte Nova to Estação da Luz.
Since then, the Hairtz brand has gained international prominence and since 2008 has been associated with Redken, the most exclusive and prestigious hairdressing school in the world.

In addition to regular attendance at symposiums, trainings meetings, coaching and team building, Alexa assumes the creative direction at Redken's shows. They are also speakers of the TEDx Talks, where they defend the Hairtz 3P model - more Professionalism, more Passion, less Prejudice. All this knowledge is absorbed by the Hairtz team, consisting of eight elements, enthusiastic, dedicated and passionate, going beyond service, focusing on interaction, 'serving the other', without haste, elitism or other 'silly ideas'.

With two spaces dedicated to the launch and projection of new creative projects, this is a house where two fundamental ideas predominate - love and respect, personified in a relationship of brothers, united in the struggle and companions in the discovery of the passion that moves them. We conclude this story with two fraternal confessions - 'My greatest idol is my brother! A visionary who throws himself headlong. Full of ideas and always looking for the future! '. 'My great reference is my sister! My source of inspiration. My pride! '