Feitoria do Cacao
— since 2015 —

By itself, swaying someone is not an easy task. To do so only through the emanating aroma, elevates the conquest to a level of merit difficult to match. However, this is exactly what (and should) boast about Susana Tavares and Tomoko Suga. We barely enter the Cacao Factory, right there on the Rua de Sao Bernardo, and the smell already begs us not to leave the place. The aroma of cocoa invades our senses. The 50 kgs bags, meticulously accumulated and distributed a little throughout the establishment, are the ultimate decorative touch. We do not feel like eating chocolate like soulless ones: we want to do this and stay here forever, in an environment that varies between the scenery of our most pink dream and the indomitable desire for sweets.
The reality is this, although the dream has begun much earlier. In 2014, on a trip to Sao Tome and Principe, they began to trace the itinerary of life in which they now sail. Shortly before, Susana had become unemployed, and it was imperative that she quickly find a new office and redouble her breath. Chocolate was a crazy idea that Tomoko promptly recalled, based on a single premise: designing a product that would ensure consumer happiness, or at least his most genuine smile. After a short period of experimentation behind closed doors, Feitoria do Cacao opened to the public in December 2015, although much of its product would be for export. The visit is more than obligatory and fully justified by the experience it provides. The door is not always open: it is that even under the small commercial space, a small chocolate factory is hidden, a true delight for who has Willy Wonka as a childhood hero or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as favorite movies. When both are used in the manufacture of chocolate, it is likely that the establishment is closed, and then it is advisable to press the bell. With the countless tasks that openness has brought, time is the element they have learned to cherish and - with just four hands divided by tasks like making chocolate (internationally awarded), managing social networks, selling to the public and coordinating orders. Within a couple of years, they moved from the shy entrance into a new area, to the podium division with some of their greatest references in the art of making chocolate. This, along with the constant highlights in the media and the growing base of loyal customers, is the highest certificate of competence of the shop and the skills of these two warriors, never intimidated by the difficulty of discovering new paths.
Besides being the first case in the country, the Feitoria do Cacao is the only importer of cocoa in national territory. Success Keys? 'Feminine sensibility,' they say; and of course, a lot of work. And although all chocolate is made with the heart, there is also a lot of skills and technique, obtained in the courses available at Ecole Chocolat (Canada): Chocolate Making and Professional Chocolatier. In the distribution of competences, both are swift and blunt. Susana identifies in Tomoko an unusual ability to conjugate ingredients and thus to conceive a perfect recipe, without using utensils or instruments. Already Tomoko admits that it is Susan the business technician: precise, methodical and very strict. One day, they decided to send back the final product - made from cocoa from S. Tomé - where is extracted the raw material. Later, someone asked the workers to know the name of the chocolate they just tasted. 'It tastes like S. Tomé!'
Feitoria do Cacao