— since 1973 —

In July 1973, Mrs. Maria Luisa and Mr. Manuel Azevedo were issued the license to run an establishment known simply as Café Bilhares. Continuing the entrepreneurial vein of Mr. Manuel's father, who had previously made a space for the sale of agricultural products, the couple decided to create a convivial space for the surrounding areas, which at the time were virtually deprived of services. This small shopping adventure quickly gained traction: men would play billiards and the ladies would crochet, warmed in the winter by a fireplace, religiously lighted by Mrs. Maria Luisa.

The solid wooden counter, witnessed the frenzied passage of rushing costumers. Such was the affluence of the clientele that, to the astonishment of the couple, it was necessary to expand the establishment. The works were done and soon our couple realized that what had started as a little adventure was becoming a serious business. Since Mrs. Maria Luisa and Mr. Manuel Azevedo were only exploring the coffee after work hours (both had a different profession), they felt the need to create a team that would allow them to keep working longer. Nonetheless, the fact that they could not be present to manage the business continued to worry them, and with constant inflow into the establishment they finally decided, in 1977, to create a society with the most trusted employees. In 1978, the coffee expanded again and it was with this structure that the Convívio remained until today. The name change for 'Convívio' also occurs at this time and reflects the soul that the space has acquired: a place of conviviality and friendship.

The Convivio now breath a little more freely. New members take the reins of the business as the older ones enjoy their well-deserved rest and this has been the modus operandi of the establishment to this day. This time, the Convivio owes its success to a panoply of names that have always given their best to the house. But it was not only at the level of management that the Convívio was reinventing itself. In 1974, the telecommunications course began at the University of Aveiro. As it grew and grew, the clientele of the Convívio also changed, becoming a meeting point for university students. In this way, the Convívio adapted to the tastes and necessities of the students. Alongside the more traditional gastronomy and the glass of wine we can now find the beer, the shot, the hamburger and other dishes. This is an establishment that has served 3 generations simultaneously, curiously gathering grandparents, parents and grandchildren in the same room. Many, already with their academic course finished, now return to enroll children, follow parades or simply reminisce the city, always returning to the convivial space in order to remember the good old academic days.

Such is Convívio, an emblematic space that thanks to its history has secured a place in the memory of most customers. Recentemente as instalações deslocaram-se um pouco para a direita, ocupando agora o nº 7 da rua Aires Barbosa. O aspecto é diferente , mas o espírito da casa permanece intocado. Recently the instalations have moved a little to the right, now occupying nº7 of Aires Barbosa street. The image has been changed but the spirit of the house remains untouched. This is a place that will forever be linked to the several tens of thousands of students who learn, by living, the most precious values: friendship and love for the city of Aveiro.