— since 2014 —

Toc & Retoc is an atelier where you can find a little of everything. The decorative arts, painting and restoration are some of the services that the atelier has to satisfy the needs of its clients.

But before we highlight the studio, we must undoubtedly speak of Maria Helena, founder, owner and principal worker of all the decorative and restoration works. The taste for painting and decorative arts came late, around the age of 30. The need to make trophies to award a competition for riding obstacles at Montebelo Horse Riding Center in Viseu, was the triggering of a new passion that, until now, has never left her. At the time she attended a school of decorative arts, indicated by a friend, where she acquired the knowledge and taste of the area. A short time passed and Maria Helena decided to return to Aveiro with her family, where she worked in the social action services at the University of Aveiro, but she confessed that she did not like the public service and therefore decided to cancel the contract and dedicate herself entirely to Art. Since then, she has been attending various courses, stating that 'I like to learn and I want to learn more! Whenever I can attend new training, it is very important ... '.

She inaugurated her first atelier in Gafanha da Nazaré which helped to project herself in the activity. Success was inevitable and resulted in moving to larger spaces because of the volume of work. However, the market ended up not meeting expectations, and in 2014, together with a friend, they opened Toc & Retoc in the center of Aveiro, which currently remains in the same place.

Those who come to Toc & Retoc can find a range of personalized articles, 'People are looking to give their furniture a new life ... they look for something different and personalized to offer!' On the other hand, 'People search us out because they want to learn decorative art and painting ... We also give these formations to our audience.' Francisco Cunha is a painter recognized for his many techniques and art styles that he offers by giving training to Toc & Retoc customers. In addition, all materials used for the design of the art are of high quality to ensure that all works are unique and have a long life. The concern with the use of materials is undoubtedly a strength and a way of differentiating from others, says Maria Helena.
In short, everything here gains a new life, a new form, a new aesthetic!  
Toc e Retoc