— since 2009 —

In good Japanese “Matsuri” is an open chest with friends around the table as one cheerfully declares the generosity and festivity of the meeting. Festivals and traditional Japanese cuisine are sources of inspiration for Jorge Correia – creator of Matsuri – the biggest Japanese restaurant in the town, for the delights of his many fans from Aveiro to Osaka.
The history of Matsuri begins with a stunning inauguration in 2009 that has forever changed the gastronomic panorama of Aveiro. But we need to return seven years ago (2002) to understand the course of its creator and how from a cooking workshop is made a project of life and a passion.

From Venezuela to Portugal through management studies, the administration of several Natura stores and the food and drinks. It was in Lisbon that Jorge Correia found the true vocation. The truth is that Jorge wanted only to learn the preparation of sushi he was always a great connoisseur but found himself totally surrendered to the richness of the gastronomy. It ended up staying a full year under the scrutiny of big names in traditional Japanese cuisine from which he kept the seishin – adventurous spirit, and chishiki, deep knowledge that is revealed in the wonderful, grilled, and cooked temps that have already caught the eye of critics International.

After returning to Aveiro and after a year of small experiences at parties, he joined two friends and formed a sushi catering company. But it was the simple question of the wife “why not open a sushi restaurant in Aveiro?” Which made Jorge in his late thirties take on the realization of their dream creating a response to the growing demand for quality Japanese cuisine and also as an alternative to Porto or even Lisbon.

This is how the Matsuri rises and rises on the 43rd door of Rua Eng. Carlos Boia, a famous house whose hentai follows both the metamorphosis of the moth and the hatching of the cherry blossom. The reopening under the aegis of MATSURI SUSHI & FUSION inaugurates a completely refurbished space with a broader offer, with new dishes, new menus, Japanese counter experience and a unique atmosphere that goes beyond the palate. All this has its mark of Portuguese lands, or it was not the Japanese cuisine influenced by the Portuguese in their trips by seas never before navigated.